Eliminating Limiting Beliefs in the Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous and other 12 Step groups

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Expansion - Opening To Life

12 Step recovery let's us step fully into life

When we're in the grip of our addiction, whether it's to a substance or a behavior, our world is narrow. We're focused on our own needs almost exclusively.

As we move into Recovery, our world expands. First it grows to include our 12 Step group. If we're smart, we begin to do service.

Service starts with simple things like setting up or cleaning up meetings. When we begin to get our feet on the ground, service probably involves 12 Step calls and may include taking some Trusted Service position in our group.

The Promises (p. 83-84 of the Big Book) include: We will loose interest in selfish things and gain interest in our fellows. Self-seeking will slip away.

That is, I believe, an invitation to expansion.

Tempting to stay small

Even when our recovery is firm, there is a temptation to stay small and limit our activities to those associated with 12 Step work. There certainly is safety that way. And most of us need to stick close to 12 Step work some of the time; some of us need to stick close most of the time.

But for many of us, recovery also allows our dreams to surface. Everyone wants to make a positive contribution to the world and everyone has within them the means to make such a contribution. We can't if we stay small and safe.


Recovery allows us not only to get in touch with our dreams, but gives us a way to make them happen. Of course we have to be careful to separate our Vision from delusions of grandeur. By asking for guidance from the God of our understanding, and by consulting with our sponsor or other trusted advisor we can, however, begin to know what's real and what's not.

Then we can begin to live our life more largely; we can accept our dream and go for it, step into it, letting go of the fears and the other voices that would keep us small and pinchy.

The world needs our unique contribution; it's what we are meant to do and be.

Love, peace and abundance,

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