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The Soul of Money

Lynn Twist is transforming my relationship with money. Her book is like no other book on money I've every read or heard about.

This isn't a book on how to make money or how to save it, or how to create a budget or spending plan.

You won't find affirmations here, or anything that resembles a get rich quick scheme. Nor will you be lectured about saving for retirement, investing or any of the other topics we're so used to reading.

This is a book that totally reframes the whole subject of money. Through examples drawn from her world around work with the Hunger Project, she gently teaches about sufficiency.

Sufficiency is the idea that we already have enough, that we have around us and within us exactly what we need.

Once we begin to truly accept that notion, we are then free to increase our income, or not, as we choose. For the results of reading and working with The Soul of Money is really to return us to choice about our life and our relationship with money.

The Soul of Money is a book you'll want to read slowly, savoring the ideas. And then you'll want to read it again. Next, you'll find yourself talking to others about the book and the concepts, and soon, you'll find your own relationship with money transforming.

Twist also has a website where her seminars and other events are listed.

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